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Corporate Overview

Assimil8 Learning is a Canadian owned, Ottawa based company serving the National Capital Region, Toronto, Montreal and New York. As a world leader in management training and organizational development, we have the ability to provide learning solutions in a variety of formats across North America.


Since its inception in 2000, Assimil8 Learning has delivered hundreds of thousands of adult learning solutions that focus on sustained behavioural change, enhancing productivity and job effectiveness of our clients.  We are committed to building partnerships with organizations and their people to continuously improve their performance.  Our primary focus is to provide for our clients’ needs and objectives.


We work with leading multi-national companies across North America, government departments across Canada, as well as with hundreds of small and medium sized organizations across Canada and the United States.


Assimil8 works with our clients to support them in reaching their goals and objectives by ensuring team members have the skills to get the job done.  Whether instructor lead, synchronous e-learning , asynchronous e-learning, or a blended solution  Assimil8 will provide the flexibility for organizations to choose the best method of delivery for their people.


In order to achieve increased transfer of the newly developed behaviours back to the workplace Assimil8 provides various types of support from live coaching, e-series support on the web, helping clients build strategic plans, project plans and workload and priority management playbooks. All of this support is aligned with achieving the actual goals of the team and/or individuals.





Why Assimil8 Learning?


Our Unique Delivery Process

  • Discovery and Design for Group Training:  Within a single organization Assimil8 Learning will meet with the client “pre- workshop” to discuss what is happening in their environment currently that should be included in the delivery of the workshop. It provides Priority Management with a chance to look at what areas require a focus for the client and what areas do not. This allows the facilitator to better understand the client’s objectives.


  • Pre-workshop Productivity Challenge:  Upon request Assimil8 Learning will set up a pre workshop productivity challenge for our time and workload management programs. The Productivity Challenge establishes the current levels of effectiveness for participants in the areas of Workload and Priority management as well as assisting participants in creating a focus for their learning session. This is included in the initial pricing.


  • Skills Development Session (The Workshop):  Assimil8 Learning delivers the workshop to the client to bring about a clear understanding of the subject being delivered and the beginning of the creation of shared common processes and tools for the client to bring back and readily implement in the workplace.


  • Individual or Group Coaching Session: Assimil8 Learning coaches will work with the participant or group to discuss how the individual or team will apply the newly developed skills back in the workplace. This session takes place approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the workshop.


  • Post Workshop Analysis:  Upon request Assimil8 Learning will set up a post workshop evaluation for our time and workload management programs. The post evaluation will measure the impact of the training back in the workplace assisting in quantifying the return on investment in tangible format. This is included in the initial pricing.


  • Client for Life Status: Assimil8 Learning offers a Client for Life Status to all participants. This gives the participant the opportunity to return to the workshop they have attended at no cost to them, in the public workshop format where available, and creates the opportunity to pick up new skills to apply back in the workplace.


  • On Going Coaching and Support:  A client may call or e-mail any of our coaching team for clarification or help with the application of the skills learned at the workshop….for life.


  • Learning Link: Clients have the option of subscribing to our Monthly Newsletter. This newsletter shares with you coaching tips and short articles to help improve effectiveness, control your time and increase productivity...for life.


  • Application and Implementation Session:  Optional…Assimil8 Learning also offers sessions designed to assist the client to either create a series of protocols or work processes in order to create a shared common method to work or assist clients in using their newly developed skills on actual work situations.  (An additional fee applies for this session.)

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