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Authored by: Paul Yuck

Understanding the Issues and Opportunities

Building the 21st Century Workplace

The challenges being faced in today’s work environment having the largest impact on performance and productivity seems to lie in the gaps which exist within the three dominant working generations. The purpose of this study is not to identify right or wrongs in generational differences moreover to better understand the dominant filters being applied by each generation and the ultimate impact on efficiency and effectiveness in today’s modern workplace.


Each generation sees the world through their own eyes. Ultimately, this means that we are, for the most part, self-centred. Becoming aware of this is the first step to understanding the other generations by examining how they filter the world.


We are at crossroads in our history as we see the millennial generation establish themselves as the largest working cohort and thusly creating a critical mass for change. In this study we will look at each generation, their filters and the differences these filters create.

What needs to Happen to Maximize Performance in the Workplace

The 21st Century Workplace

The greatest opportunity lies in the ability for an organization to create a culture built on a framework of shared common principles, processes and tools. Priority Management has defined four core competencies required to maximize performance. These competencies are the ability for individuals to self-manage, work well with others, asset and resource manage and task and activity manage. Maximizing these abilities will offer the greatest impact on lowering the level of effort to succeed.


The greatest influence on these four competencies is the organization’s “Esprit de Corps” being embraced by all members. An organization’s level of success is tied directly to how well this culture is adopted.

In this study, we will look at the following areas in order to better understand the perceptions of the current reality in the workplace and the direction forward.


  • The Modern Workplace characteristics

  • Technology, innovation and change

  • Leadership attitudes and team cultures

  • Communication and collaboration modes, methods and tools

The Way Forward

Where do we go from here?

The outcome of this study will allow us to better understand the current trends, views and opinions of the modern organization and a look into the various perspectives. We will break down the results by using the following filters:


  • Common generational filters

  • Leadership style and culture

  • Structure and culture of business in 2025

Esprit de Corp

A shared common set of principles, processes and tools that unites a diverse group to a common goal.

Change becomes easier when enough followers begin to lead

The Future Reality in 2025

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