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Who Should Attend:


This program is ideal for Workgroups and teams including managers, technical professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently find themselves transformational changing work environments




• 1-day instructor-led session

• Coaching session to reinforce learning


Tools Provided


• Comprehensive Learning Guide

• ChangeMaster Questionnaire

• Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink


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Achieve remarkable advancements in the face of enormous change


The 21st century organization requires individuals who can adapt to a constantly changing reality. Organizations are looking for individuals who can embrace change not tolerate it. Become a “Change Master” and ensure you are equipped with the skills to flourish in today’s demanding environment.


This course will help you:


  • Understand the transformational change model

  • Learn how values guide individuals and teams through change

  • Proactively learn from situations and develop new ways of approaching the situation in the future

  • Increase your ability to apply creative thinking strategies to adapt to changing situations

  • Embrace a win: win attitude and create deeper relationships with team members








Course Outline 




Organizations everywhere are besieged by continuous change. The accelerated pace of technological advances, the globalization of information and fluctuations in the world economy have placed incredible pressure on organizations to adapt quickly. To thrive, not merely survive, in this fast‑paced competitive environment, organizations are not only required to improve productivity, but also compete in their ability to deliver innovation, quality, customization and convenience. 


They must structure and manage themselves to work interdependently, with a common purpose.


Our Transformational Change program is designed to help organizations achieve remarkable advancements in the face of enormous change.  It addresses the needs of both individuals and teams, focusing on key skill areas such as creative problem solving, inter-group communications, negotiation and interpersonal relations.  Fundamental to the training process is an underlying belief in the power of values, continuous learning, innovation and win: win attitudes and behavior.  Individuals not only gain greater insight into the objectives of their organization and team, but also develop a plan for their own performance breakthroughs.


The essential characteristic of a successful organization is a unifying "ethos", a set of values and principles shared by all, and an "esprit de corps".  This common purpose pulls the organization together and becomes its bedrock in times of great change.





In the face of massive change, many organizations have begun to restructure. The traditional, multi-tiered hierarchy may no longer serve organizations well.  Size, rigidity and insistence on conformity encourage dependency, inhibiting quick and innovative responses in a changing "market place".  Hence, the birth of a new organizational structure ... the flexible network.  The network model has as its basic building block THE TEAM and its characteristic "signature" is interdependency.  It excels in flexibility, broadened decision making and emphasis on individual accountability.  With this structure, organizations are equipped to rapidly adopt specialized focus groups or project teams in response to the inevitable challenges and opportunities.





The emergence of an interdependent network model and the empowerment of workers and teams require a full understanding of the nature and implications of transformational change.  Incremental change is a simple step-by-step process and relatively easy to predict and manage.  By contrast, transformational change is difficult to predict and tends to be complex, messy, confusing and, for many, threatening.  We have developed a model identifying the key stages of transformational change.


Our program helps individuals deal with the stress and strain of transformational change.  Participants gain a full understanding of the four main phases of change and learn to manage ambiguity, a key breakthrough skill.  By becoming `ChangeMasters`, participants enhance their own performance, empowering both themselves and the interdependent work team.


During the initial workshop, participants will be introduced to the Transformational Change Model that translates the theory of change into a practical process for dealing with everyday workplace issues. The Process starts with a skills assessment ‘ChangeMaster Questionnaire" through which participants obtain a measurement of their competency in the first Four Essential Skill Area.  This provides the launch pad for key performance breakthroughs.







  • people who are involved and committed to achieving the organization's objectives

  • people who understand their organization's values and provide a level of service that reflects those beliefs

  • people who recognize opportunities when faced with challenges

  • people who have a clearly defined mission and understand how it fits with that of the organization




  • people who have the courage to experiment and try different ways of doing things

  • people who learn from mistakes as well as successes

  • people who are committed to the process of continuous improvement

  • people who remain flexible and open to learning





  • people who instinctively seek fresh ways of looking at things

  • people who consistently generate new ideas

  • people who produce creative solutions for the customer

  • people who inspire others to be creative




  • people who win but not at the expense of someone else losing

  • people who create an atmosphere conducive to win: win results

  • people who consider the long-term results of their actions

Unique Benefits of Training With Assimil8 Learning


  • All course materials are included in the workshop fee.

  • Personal post-workshop coaching: 45 minute one-on-one follow up coaching in person or via phone ensures individual learning requirements are met.

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