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This program is ideal for workgroups and teams, including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently use MS Outlook and are not optimizing this powerful software. This course is intended for Working Sm@rt with MS Outlook graduates who need to track and communicate the impact of change for an existing project plan and have chosen not to use a dedicated project management software. This program is ideal for small to medium sized projects where only basic reporting is required. Basic project management experiences is helpful however, not necessary.




• 1-day instructor-led session using

• Coaching session to reinforce learning

• Free refresher sessions for life through our public workshop


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• Comprehensive Learning Guide

• Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink


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Manage both Operational and Project work in one place


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Receive practical hands-on skills instruction to help you absorb and apply proven techniques for tracking and managing projects using your Microsoft Outlook.


This course will help you:


This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively manage those projects within the familiar interface of MS Outlook. Managing both Operational and Project work in one place will enhance your ability to stay in control of follow-ups, commitments and important deadlines.  


*Prerequisite course:


Priority Management’s Working Sm@rt with MS Outlook


Email or call: 613-729-2111

for more information on Priority Management programs



Course Outline 


Unit 1: Managing the Two Worlds of Work


  • Have a better understanding of the challenges of managing the Two Worlds of Work

  • Become better acquainted with the world of Project Management

  • Be introduced to key project planning practices and essential project planning tools




Unit 3: Getting Started on Your New Project


  • Create Project Files to manage your project data

  • Setup a new Project Communication File

  • Have used the Objective Statement tool

  • Enter key information in your Communication File

  • Assign and link resources to your project


Unit 5: Managing Project Communication


  • Have discovered ways of tracking communication in your project Communication File

  • Know how to use the Resource Link to quickly access resource information

  • Know how to assign project categories to E-mails Sent and Received

  • Store all project E-mails in your Project File

  • Be able to send manual status reports

  • Communicate easily with task delegators and delegatees


Back at the Workplace


  • Have used the CD provided, walk through the steps required for setting up Outlook4Projects files back at the workplace

  • Review the potential obstacles to implementing the Outlook 4 Projects methodology and identify solutions

  • Conduct a learning review

Unit 2: Setting-up Outlook to Manage Projects


  • Know how to save and open the Outlook4Projects .PST (Data) Files

  • Have been introduced to the Outlook4Projects Folders

  • Create the Outlook4Projects toolbar to help you better manage project items

  • Know how to work with views

  • Know how to copy custom task views


Unit 4: Managing Project Tasks


  • Enter tasks from the Project Tasks Entry Table

  • Create project tasks from your E-mails

  • Work with custom task views

  • Know how to create custom fields

  • Format columns and change how information is displayed


Unit 6: Tracking & Reporting on Project Activities


  • Know how to update the status of your project tasks

  • Quickly find all Outlook items associated with your project

  • Print Project Task views to report on your tasks

  • Export project task information into Outlook4Projects reports

  • Understand how to use and customize Outlook4Projects reports





Unique Benefits of Training With Assimil8 Learning


  • All course materials are included in the workshop fee.

  • Personal post-workshop coaching: 45 minute one-on-one follow up coaching in person or via phone ensures individual learning requirements are met.

  • Client for life status: Attendees are welcome to attend the course again as a refresher through our public workshops. There is no cost to attend a refresher and you may attend as many times as you like.

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