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Who Should Attend:


Individuals, workgroups and teams, including managers, technical and sales professionals, supervisors, administrators and project leaders who currently use BlackBerry 10 and are not optimizing their BlackBerry Q10 or Z10.




• 1 day instructor-led session using

• Coaching session to reinforce learning

• Free refresher sessions for life through our public workshop


Tools Provided


• Comprehensive Learning Guide

• Technical Guide

• Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink


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Tame the digital deluge and increase your productivity


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Working with BlackBerry 10 is a "Time Management" course that happens to use your BlackBerry’s latest handset running BlackBerry’s latest operating software, BB 10. If you have the latest BlackBerry, we have the process for increasing your productivity. We created this workshop in conjunction with Research In Motion (RIM) when the world’s largest distributor of BlackBerry devices wanted to train their employees to use this tool more effectively. Graduates of this class maintain increased productivity and enhanced on the job performance by having the skill to apply the right processes with their BlackBerry.


This course will help you:


  • Better manage time, tasks, and activities

  • Control over high volume E-mail and tasks when away from your office

  • Take a 'business planning' approach to BlackBerry 10

  • Gain control over high volume email and tasks

  • Focus consistently on priorities

  • Improve communications

The Working with BlackBerry 10 Workshop is an essential management skills program and has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively use your BlackBerry as part of your organizational system. This course will help enhance personal and team productivity and performance, while giving you more control over activities and information. By providing immediate access to key business information you will improve your decision making. You will become more balanced and reduce stress when you put these essential skills into practice.



Course Outline 


Unit 1 The Productivity Process:


In this first unit we will describe what is meant by productivity and workload management. You will learn about the Invisible Assembly Line and importance of the Productivity Formula and strategies for reducing ‘mind traffic.’ We will create a campaign for Working Smart and look at how a system for managing your information can help turn your intentions into actions.



Unit 3 The Digital Deluge:


We will show you best practices for managing your messages while on the go and discuss the how, when and why of prioritizing E-mail. You will also learn creative ways to file your mail and stay on top of your priorities, regardless of the volume of E-mail you receive on your BlackBerry.


Unit 5 Managing Communications:


You will learn the Priority communicating process and how to apply it with BlackBerry tools. Practice planning and responding to people as well as delegation and follow up. We will demonstrate that by applying a consistent communication process, it is possible to have total recall!


Unit 7 Priority Planning:


Discover how the planning process works for you. The planning cycle will help you become more strategic in your daily choice of activities and restore a feeling of achievement at the end of every day.


Unit 9 Putting BlackBerry to Work:


Summarizes all of the key ideas and provide you with a recipe for learning transfer.


Unit 2 The BlackBerry Business Solution:


You will gain a deeper understanding of what’s available in the BlackBerry toolbox – and discover what functions will serve you best.







Unit 4 Managing Commitments:


You will learn the best way to work with your BlackBerry calendar and avoid becoming a victim of the ‘Planning Fallacy.’ You will become a more proficient time manager and be able to use your BlackBerry to begin the process of regaining control over your life and demanding schedule.


Unit 6 Managing Activities:


We will show you how to become a master at multi-tasking. Our process of date activation will help you stay on top of the important as well as urgent activities as well as solve the ‘decision dilemma’ when managing multiple activities.



Unit 8 Team Tools:


You will expand your understanding of how teams work, share calendars, collaborate on shared documents with BlackBerry.


Unique Benefits of Training With Assimil8 Learning


  • All course materials are included in the workshop fee.

  • Personal post-workshop coaching: 45 minute one-on-one follow up coaching in person or via phone ensures individual learning requirements are met.

  • Client for life status: Attendees are welcome to attend the course again as a refresher through our public workshops. There is no cost to attend a refresher and you may attend as many times as you like.

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