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This course is intended for anyone who needs to track and communicate the impact of change for an existing project plan. Basic project management experience is helpful, however not necessary.


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• 1-day instructor-led session using

• Coaching session to reinforce learning

• Free refresher sessions for life through our public workshop


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• Comprehensive Learning Guide

• Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink


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Course Outline 


Unit 1: The Basics of Project Management


  • Terminology

  • 5 phases

  • Time Scaled Dependency Charts


Unit 3: Basic Setup for a New Project


  • Setting the base calendar: working days, hours, holidays

  • Saving a file as a template

  • Various project views

  • Entering tasks, recurring tasks and outline tasks


Unit 5: Project Resources


  • Creating a pool of resources

  • Adjusting resources calendar

  • Assigning resources using Split Window


Unit 7: Tracking task progress


  • Updating tasks, using the tracking toolbar

  • Filtering views

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Master this powerful software to manage the complexities of multiple projects more efficiently and effectively. Immediately improve the application of MS Project to your own project workload. It is imperative that the participants can bring back to the workplace better developed self-management skills which can be transferred into practical daily behaviours.


This course will help you:


  • Understand the basic operations of the software, work with windows, menus, commands, and views

  • Create a new project file based on an existing plan and create, edit and outline a task list, as well as establish dependencies by linking tasks

  • Create a project template

  • Add and assign resources to a project file, work with project calendars, and enter project costs, such as standard, variable and fixed costs

  • Apply task type settings, modify fixed tasks, set task constraints, and define and format the critical path

  • Apply pre-set and custom contours, edit resource assignments, identify and resolve resource over allocations, and set and modify a baseline

  • Track the progress of a project, update tasks and the schedule, and compare baseline and actual data

  • Sort, filter, and group views

  • Format Gantt charts and print reports


Unit 2: The Basics of MS Project


  • Menus, Toolbars, Views

  • Getting started: creating and saving a file



Unit 4: Task Dependencies


  • How to determine the dependencies

  • How to enter the dependencies and other information

  • Different types of constraints, how to enter constraints

  • Define and adjust Critical Path


Unit 6: Saving Baseline

  • Saving and clearing baseline



Unit 8: Previewing views and reports


  • Printing project information


Unique Benefits of Training With Assimil8 Learning


  • All course materials are included in the workshop fee.

  • Personal post-workshop coaching: 45 minute one-on-one follow up coaching in person or via phone ensures individual learning needs are met.

  • Client for life status: Attendees are welcome to attend the course again as a refresher through our public workshops. There is no cost to attend a refresher and you may attend as many times as you like.

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